Civilta Del Bere

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    • Foto van Michelle P.
      30 dec 2018

      This place is really a fancy pizza place, but the atmosphere is so wonderful and food so good, that it's worth the trip.

      It's a small restaurant so best to make reservations for Thursday or Saturday but you may be lucky and they can squeeze you in at the bar. Great place for a relaxed night of wine and pizza.

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    • Foto van Tim K.
      Tim K.
      Charleston, Verenigde Staten
      17 mrt 2013

      Inspired by a Yelping hand, I went to the restaurant solo. So many good reviews, right around my corner, cheap menu for food.

      So OK, I walk in this really nice and trendy hot spot. You really have no feeling that you are in a pizzeria, what so ever. Since I'm by myself I'm having no trouble sitting at the bar (YES! Finally a Belgian restaurant where you can sit at the bar). I received the menu quickly and got presented the specials for the evening. They have great wines by the glass so I order a white 6 Mura and pizza with rucola, Parmesan and Italian ham.
      When they bring my 7.5 EUR glass of wine, I'm a bit disappointed. The glass was barely filled. I understand when you serve special wines by the glass they are a tad more expensive but this is just to little. But OK, I won't bother myself and as a good Yelper, I check in.
      FYI: Asked for the WIFI-password! They will be happy to give it to you!

      Immediately a friend (Bart D) responds if he can join me with friend (Myriam G). Off course they can join so I ask the waitress if it's OK if they join me for a glass. That won't be a problem but they have to within the hour because they are fully booked which we understand off course. When Bart sees my pizza, he just can't let it pass by and orders one for himself too.

      The staff didn't really bother that and took his order. We had a couple drinks more and the staff never really asked us to leave until 2 hours later. Which is a big plus knowing that they at first wanted us out within the hour.

      When the bill arrived... I was thinking on faking a heart attack... Although I guess i had a small one when i saw it. 2 wines, 1 pizza and 1 Montenegro liquor (AMAZING taste) has cost me 40 EUR! And i wasn't even drunk.

      But i had a great time, the pizza was great and the wines where very tasteful nonetheless there wasn't much in the glass.

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