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    • Place Rouppe 1
      1000 Bruxelles
      5.0 sterren

      Do you like adorable mild mannered bulldogs, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere and quality coffee? Then this is a good choice.
      Also the salmon and broccoli quiche was nice tasting and substantial. Came as a little meal with salad and bread.
      If it wasn't my last day in Brussels I'd definitely go back.

    • Orlando, FL 32822
      Verenigde Staten
      3.0 sterren

      Not bad if you are prepared for what you are getting. In the end I got the price I was told online with the car I was supposed to get. No problems.
      Just know, location is offsite, not a big deal but you do have to take a shuttle. About 10 minutes or so. Wait was 20 minutes or so at the counter. Booking took about 30 minutes because there was initially a few hiccups.
      Employees were friendly but definitely trained to sell you extras with some pressure. They will try to convince you that you need the toll pass for a significant charge. Do your research and know in advance if you will use any toll roads that don't take cash, requiring the e-pass.
      For insurance they require the declarations page from your company. I didn't find this anywhere but was able to get it from my insurance company after a phone call.

      After getting through all that, my experience was fine. I think most of the annoyances are based on the business model more then the staff. The model is cheap initial but try to make that up with a bunch of extras. It's kind of like flying through spirit airlines.
      Shouldn't have issues as long as you know what you are getting into and come prepared with appropriate insurance documentation and know if you'll be taking toll roads.


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